Lapa ir pārveides stadijā, atvainojamies par sagādātajām neērtībām:)

2 - for EYES. This complex will benefit readers, drivers, people who work with computers and anyone suffering from eye strain. The composition is made to increase the number of small blood vessels and to stimulate capillary wall reinforcement, reduce stress, strengthen the retina and improve overall immunity.

Ingredients:EYEBRIGHT – an irreplaceable remedy for the prevention of various etiologies for eye diseases, and to increase visual acuity. It is widely used in ophthalmology. Typical anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects. The lumps are used for conjunctivitis, eye fatigue, cataracts, and the like in eye-health situations. It is also used for allergies, bronchitis, hoarseness, indigestion, lack of appetite, increased acid distention gastritis, jaundice.

CALENDULAantiseptic, bactericidal, pain-relieving effect, lowers arterial blood pressure. Promotes the functioning of the digestive system. Used for seizures, headaches and dizziness.

BROADLEAF PLANTAIN – typical anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effects, as well as bleeding and curative effects.

DILLS – blood pressure-lowering, blood-softening, calming effect.

MARIGOLDS – used to strengthen blood vessel walls. Soothing, bactericidal, sweaty, urine-stimulating.

HORSETAIL- improves the quality of blood composition.

BIRCH LEAVES – urinating, gut-drying, sweating and antiseptic. It has the cleansing properties of the body.

ROWAN – a great source of vitamins, saturated with fibre and essential oils. It strengthens immunity, prevents malaria, strengthens blood vessels, promotes the digestive tract, as well as promotes the purification of the body.

CHAMOMILE – has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, bloating properties. Reduces fatigue, physical and mental overload, soothes, improves sleep. Promotes bile secretion as well as a great agitator.

ARONIA JUICE – dilates blood vessels and lowers arterial blood pressure.

BLUEBERRY JUICE – great for brain activity, improves memory, cures heart disease, improves vision, regulates the stomach outlet.

CRANBERRY JUICE – normalizes blood cholesterol, prevents skin-aging processes, normalizes high blood pressure, and helps the body in the fight against microbes. An effective remedy for urinary tract infections. Prevents the formation of malignant tumours.

RASPBERRY JUICE – anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of gastritis and various stomach illnesses. Improves metabolism, promotes digestive tract activity.

LINGONBERRY JUICE – helps reduce inflammation, replace antioxidants, replenish blood with red blood cells and increase liver enzymes.

 . Lapa ir pārveides stadijā, atvainojamies par sagādātajām neērtībām