Syrup-elixir for health promotion and prophylaxis. Observing the state of health of nowadays people, and, in particular, the fact that people start to focus on their health only when they are already severely sick, the idea was to create an efficient, versatile, delicious product that performs well in both prophylactic and curative functions and has great taste as well.

1- for immunity. This complex positively stimulates immunity, eliminates toxin from the body, strengthens the natural complex of vitamin dose, as well as provides protection from seasonal conditions all year long.

2-for eyes. People who work with computers, readers and drivers, who has sustained eye straining.. Composition is made to increase the amount of small blood vessels and to stimulate the capillary wall reinforcement, stress reduction, strengthening of eye retina and overall immunity.

3-for the quality of the blood. Created for people who often use medications, and antibiotics. Especially recommended for women to cultivate blood rejuvenation. Formula designed to strengthen the vascular walls, eliminate harmful substances in the blood, liquified blood, regulate blood pressure, reduce stress, to help liver and spleen to better filtrate the blood.

4- for men. Designed specially for men's health. Promotes the energy of the body, stimulates the brain, , helps to strengthen the muscles, improves sexual life, strengthens bone tissue and joint health.

5- for Optimism. Originally designed for people over 35, however, by tasting and viewing the results determined that the syrup is suitable for everyone, especially those who are working with people, documents. Improves stress resistance and memory, gives energy. Promotes joint activities, improvement of vascular wall elasticity, improves eye health and overall body immunity.

6- for children. Formula is designed to promote the general health of children, immunity maintenance, makes you naturally more peaceful but also in the same time gives energy. Formula of the extract, which helps abdominal operation, promotes brain and memory, muscle development and the overall strengthening of the organism immunity.

7- winter shield. Due to cool weather, during the period from the end of October to March there areseverely amount of cases of people getting cold. This period is considered to be the period of disease, depression and mood swings. Formula is designed to intensively reinforce and strengthen immunity, provide an intense dose of vitamins, stress resistance and energy extracts, liquefies the blood and eliminate harmful substances from the body.